Who we are

Becoming YOU Academy UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is a Germany based coaching and training institute with a strong presence in Nigeria. Becoming YOU Academy (BYA) began as a sole proprietorship business, “Autoentrepreneur”, in December 2018 in Nice, France. It started as a dream born in the heart of Aderonke Ojumu and for the love and passion that she has for helping teenagers, youths and the young at heart to discover their purpose, realize their potentials and make a positive impact in the world. So, it became of all essence to make it more than just a dream, but a reality.

Our History

In January 2019, BYA’s activities kick started in Nigeria with its partnership program with secondary schools, to help teenagers discover their purpose, realize their potentials, and grow to become a best version of themselves. That same year the maiden edition of BYA’s  Annual Bold Step Conference, with the theme “Be Inspired”, took place in Ibadan and Abuja, Nigeria.

It was geared towards inspiring and empowering young people (students, graduates, career professionals and entrepreneurs) to make bold decisions  to commit to providing positive solutions and influencing positive change in their environment, industry and the global space.

Our Mandate

Becoming YOU Academy’s mandate has since then evolved into a global and national transformation agenda.
We believe that the economy of a nation is highly dependent on the contribution of different sectors of the economy and that the success of each sector of an economy is also largely determined by the quality, as well as the quantity, of its human capital.


To drive economic growth across nations of the world through quality and sustainable human capital development.


To help increase the economic value of individuals, businesses, and organizations in any nation through purpose-driven coaching and education.


Aderonke Ojumu

Co-Founder and CEO

Aderonke Ojumu is a certified Life Purpose, Business and Entrepreneurship Coach by Transformation Academy. She is also a certified Neuro-Lingustic Programming (NLP) Practitioner by The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. Aderonke specializes in purpose coaching and mentorship with over 5years of experience equipping and positioning teenagers, young people and women for purpose, leadership and impact through mindset shifting and transformational coaching methodologies, tools and resources.
She also works with businesses, institutions and organisations such as government parastatals, ministries, departments and agencies, to facilitate total growth through employee productivity, vision alignment and the development and implementation of purpose- and future-driven policies.
When she is not working, Aderonke fans her passion by spending time to pray, reading avidly to acquire new knowledge and writing to share from her wealth of knowledge and experience on her social media platforms and blogs. She always seeks to awaken, stir and equip a purpose-centric generation.

Olugbemiga Ojumu


Olugbemiga Ojumu is a Mechanical Engineer and a Software Quality Assurance Engineer. Olugbemiga is passionate about empowering young people. He has spent over 12 years mentoring and transferring his wealth of knowledge to young people in their lives, academics and career pursuits. In 2020, Olugbemiga took interest in the field of IT, its evolution and relevance in the world. He became a certified Software Quality Assurance Engineer and has helped train several individuals in the field of Software Quality Assurance, helping them secure a role in this field. He deploys his wealth of wisdom daily to be invested in the lives of people, helping them become all they can be.
When he is not working, Olugbemiga fans his passion for music by singing and playing the guitar and other Instruments in his local community and among his family and friends.

Our Partners